Mastering Speed Baccarat: A comprehensive guide for beginners

Speed Baccarat, renowned for its enticing blend of simple and fast-paced gameplay, has captured the attention of casino players worldwide. If you’re eager to unlock the excitement that awaits you in this game, you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide will walk you through the game’s essentials, from understanding its rules to mastering winning techniques. Whether you aim to win Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), or other crypto, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to excel.

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Overview of speed baccarat rules

The main rules of baccarat revolve around one core objective: guessing one of the three outcomes: the player’s hand winning, the banker’s hand winning, or a tie.


That’s a remarkably straightforward set of betting choices! Is the game as easy as it seems?


Absolutely! It’s essentially a guessing game, making it incredibly accessible, even for those new to casino gaming!


And let’s not forget, it’s called ‘Speed Baccarat’ for a reason: it’s fast-paced and thrilling!

Speed Baccarat offers various versions with optional side bets, although availability depends on the software provider. Some will let you bet on the possibility of a pair and perfect pair, while others will ask for the possibility of a +1 draw. Regardless of the version, if you want to know how to play Speed Baccarat, here’s a step-by-step guide that you should follow:

Place the chip on a main bet

The betting window opens at the start of every game. Traditional baccarat will give you 20-30 seconds, but Speed Baccarat has a fixed time limit of 12 seconds. Place your chips on any of the three outcomes to play that round or don’t put any to pass the turn. 

Place a chip on a side bet

A side bet is an optional wager you can make at a Speed Baccarat game. Some tables offer them for players seeking additional wagering opportunities. You can only place a side bet once you have a main bet. These are also optional if you prefer staking only on the three main options. 


Can you explain how to place chips when betting on Speed Baccarat?


Most of the time, you decide how to place bets by clicking on any option.

Additionally, you can choose which chip to place. The options are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen.


Wait for the results 

As the name suggests, it's a fast-paced game, allowing for more bets per hour compared to many other table games. Witness the dealer unveil the cards for the player’s and banker’s hands to determine the winner and collect your winnings accordingly.

Play again

Once the round concludes, you can play the game again. The dealer puts away the cards and then opens the betting window for the next round. For returning players, then you can have options to retake the same bets or double the ante. These are simple quality-of-life features to help simplify your experience. 

All betting options in speed baccarat

Speed Baccarat rules revolve around the three main bets. All you have to do is place your chips on either of the three then wait for the results. 

How to Bet




You win if the player’s hand is closest to 9. There is a 45.86% chance of winning this bet. 



You win if the banker’s hand is closer to 9 than the player. The chances of winning this bet are 44.62%. 


Tie / draw 

Both hands have equal value. It has a 9.52% chance of winning. 



What’s the reason behind the slightly lower payout for banker bets?


Banker bets charge a 5% commission fee, allocated as a tip to the dealer.


This also helps maintain balanced odds, considering that banker bets have a higher chance of winning.

In Speed Baccarat, players typically place their chips on any of the three main bets above. Knowing how to win Speed Baccarat involves making the right choice in that round. However, you place bets on multiple or all side bets and win on each one in a single round if you’re lucky enough. 

Here are some examples of side bets found in Speed Baccarat:

How to Bet



Banker/Player Pair

Bet on either the player or banker and win if it gets a pair when the cards are dealt. A pair means two cards have the same rank. This only counts the starting hand. 


Perfect Pair

Bet on either the player or banker and win if it gets a perfect pair. A perfect pair is when two cards have the same rank and suit. It only wins on the initial starting hands. 


Either Pair

Bet on a pair to happen on the board. This wins if it happens on either hand. Perfect pairs count as an either pair bet. 


Big or Small

Big bets win if there are five or six cards on the board. Small bets win if there are only four.

2.5倍 on small bets

1.53倍 on big bets

All Red/Black

All Red bet wins if the cards on the board are red (diamonds and hearts). All black bets win if all cards are black (clubs and spades).

23倍 for red

25倍 for black

Bellagio Match

Bet on either player or banker and win if that side gets a three-of-a-kind. That means three cards with the same rank on one hand. It only happens if that hand draws a third card. 

76倍 player match

69倍 banker match

Super 6

This bet is applicable only at the banker's hand. It wins if its total is 6 whether the result has two or three cards. 


Dragon Bonus

Bet on either player bonus or banker bonus. If that hand wins, then you get paid based on the difference. This bet also counts the third card on both hands. 

31倍 if difference is 9

11倍 if difference is 8

7倍 if difference is 7

5倍 if difference is 6

3倍 if difference is 5

2倍 if difference is 4

2倍 if the hand wins by a natural 8 or 9


There’s quite a variety of options available! This gives me the freedom to maximise my winning chances! Can I bet on all of them?


That depends on the offerings of the service provider. Sometimes, a Speed Baccarat table can just have a combination of a few.


Keep in mind that there can also be some unique side bets not included here. Always check out new tables at so you can find more of them.

Easy strategies on how to win Speed Baccarat 

While there’s no foolproof method to guarantee wins in Speed Baccarat, employing strategies can help manage your bets and enhance your gaming experience. Here are some commonly used strategies that you should consider:

Strategy to maximising payout

Following a betting system involves changing your ante size after every round. How you change your bet depends on whether you win or lose. The goal is to capitalise on your odds by determining whether to double down or pull back on your ante. Here are some examples that you can use:

  • Martingale betting system
    • Double your bet size every time you lose, then reset it back to 1x your original bet after winning. This ensures you win back all losses even after a long losing streak. 
  • Labouchere method
    • Set a target profit, then divide it across a sequence of 7 to 10 segments. On your next bet, the wager is equal to the sum of the first and last segments. Add the sum to the end if you lost, then repeat the process with a new sum. Cancel both ends if you win, then continue with what’s left.
  • Fibonacci System
    • Follow the Fibonacci sequence to determine the size of your bet. It starts with 1 and 1, and then every succeeding segment is a sum of the previous two. That means it’s 1, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Decide on an initial bet, then multiply it by the number of which segment you’re at. Move forward one segment after every loss and move back twice after winning.

Strategy to maximising odds

Winning the 8倍 reward is exciting but the 9.52% ratio is too small. That’s why a Speed Baccarat strategy is usually just between bets on the player or banker. There are only two statistically sound strategies in baccarat which are to either bet on the banker or chase trends. 

  • Banker bet throughout the session: The banker has the highest chance of winning, making it substantially the best option in Speed Baccarat. That means no betting on a player or tie under any circumstances, so you can capitalise on the odds advantage. 
  • Chasing trends after losing: Start your bet with the player, then move on to the banker after losing once and vice versa. Stay where your stakes are if you won the previous round because wins can hit the same side multiple times.

Combine your chosen betting system with the bet switching strategy

Strategies that affect how you decide the ante and which side to bet on are independent of one another. Therefore, you’re free to combine them to maximise both the payout and odds. 


Would it be okay to bet randomly rather than strategically?


If that’s what seems more fun to you, then go for it. All games are meant to be fun.


Strategies are useful guidelines for players who want to maximise odds and payouts. If you prefer to just be random, then that’s a valid way to play, too.

You can use the Martingale betting system while staking only on the banker, the simplest examples of their respective category. If you can keep track of everything, then consider using the Labouchere method while chasing trends. Any combination is fine so long as it’s something you find fun and rewarding. 

The best Speed Baccarat online casino games to play

Speed Baccarat is available on many online casinos provided by industry-leading software providers worldwide. Whether you use a desktop or mobile device, you can easily access this game on the best online casino platforms. However, choosing the right platform is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. is your top option, providing a diverse range of games, including Speed Baccarat, to keep your gaming journey exciting and varied. You can ensure a seamless gaming session with a user-friendly interface and navigation. Explore the generous bonuses and promotions to take your bets to the next level.

The best Speed Baccarat games at Bitcasino

At Bitcasino, players have access to a variety of Speed Baccarat games from top software providers, each offering its own unique experience. Here are a few examples:

Bombay Club Speed Baccarat (Bombay Live)


Bombay Club offers a robust selection of traditional table games in luxurious settings and ambience for live casinos. Speed Baccarat is among their many collections that you can play at in all the extravagant flare of a hotel-casino presentation. There is also a Bombay Club Speed Baccarat table available at’s metaverse, ready to play for visitors. 


How do I receive my payouts after winning a bet in Speed Baccarat?


It’s simple! Your winnings are credited to your wallet, just like when you place a bet initially.


With those winnings, you can use them for additional bets, allowing you to continue enjoying Speed Baccarat and potentially increase your winnings further.

There aren't many side bet options available at the Bombay Club Speed Baccarat. Your only options include a player pair and a banker pair, each paying 11倍. Even if the result is a perfect pair, the payout will be the same as the standard one. 

Exclusive Japanese Speed Baccarat (Evolution)


The majority of table games present at live casinos are presented in English because they cater to an international audience. However, there are tables dedicated to certain demographics, and if you’re looking for one in Japanese, then Evolution’s Exclusive Japanese Speed Baccarat is for you. 

The Exclusive Japanese Speed Baccarat offers a feature-complete table, all localised in Japanese. That includes the text on every bet and the language the dealer speaks. Side bets available in Evolution’s Speed Baccarat game are more robust. 

  • Dragon Bonus
  • Perfect Pair
  • Player/Banker Pair
  • Either Pair

Speed Baccarat (Pragmatic Play)


If what you’re looking for is a much simpler setup, then Pragmatic Play’s Speed Baccarat is perfect for you. It also has a fancy theme, but it comes with a more humble ambience. Pragmatic Play has always rivalled Evolution in both the quality and variation of their games. That’s why they also have a robust selection of side bets you can choose from.

  • Dragon Bonus
  • Perfect Pair
  • Player/Banker Pair
  • Either Pair
  • Super 6

Play at Bitcasino for the best Speed Baccarat experience

Bitcasino offers a comprehensive platform for all Japanese players seeking an exciting Speed Baccarat gaming session. To kick off your experience, you need a wallet that mutually supports the website’s supported cryptocurrencies to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings. You can also buy crypto using services from’s partnered exchanges if you want to play quickly. 

Everything you need in a Speed Baccarat online casino can be found right here at Bitcasino! You can access them through web browsers or downloadable apps for iOS and Android so you can play on any device, desktop or mobile. These can bring you an optimal gaming experience unrivalled by any other gambling brand. 

Frequently asked questions 

See here for more frequently asked questions about Speed Baccarat:

Is Speed Baccarat a good game for beginners?

Yes. Speed Baccarat follows a fairly simple set of rules, and how the outcome is decided is straightforward. All you have to know is that there are three possible results, and you just have to guess which one happens in every round. The dealer will handle all the steps throughout the session, giving you a seamless betting experience as a player. 

What are the main differences between Baccarat and Speed ​​Baccarat?

The main difference between the classic baccarat and its speed version is how fast a round can last. Traditional baccarat can last up to 24 seconds per round and they come with extra steps like dealing cards face down then revealing them later for suspense. Speed Baccarat presents all cards facing up from the get-go, making the round quicker. 

Do you have any recommended strategies for speed baccarat?

The best way to play baccarat is to use bankroll betting methods like the Martingale system. The win rate in speed baccarat is high and the 1:1 payout is also rewarding so bankroll management is the best way to capitalise on the game.