Beginner’s guide to playing online Teen Patti at Bitcasino

As the online casino market grows, the industry is offering a great gaming experience for everyone who enjoys the best casino games in the world. A lot of casino games like Bitcasino slots from different countries are getting more popular. One of these games is the incredible Teen Patti from India. 

Teen Patti is an incredible game in India and has spread across the world that made it one of the most famous online casino games today. The name itself translates to ‘three cards’ in Hindi where three players who participate in the game all receive three cards per hand. 

Since this game has a special significance in India, it’s widely considered as a cultural heritage that is enjoyed by several locals. Now, you have a chance to play this amazing game. 

Here is a complete guide to playing Teen Patti at one of the best online crypto casino sites, Bitcasino live casino:

Teen Patti card rankings

Similar to games like Texas Hold’em poker, new players might find it quite challenging to understand the game without learning about the hand rankings first. In fact, it’s similar to poker where there are several hand rankings that you need to know first before you can play the game seamlessly. 

There are six hand rankings in Teen Patti, and below are the following ranked from highest to lowest:

Three of a kind

A three of a kind is also known as a trio which requires you to have three cards of the same value and hand. The highest trio of the game is a combination of three aces while a trio of 2s is considered the lowest. 

Straight flush

Straight flush or pure sequence occurs when three cards are formed in sequential order that also happens to be of the same suit. The highest straight flush in the game is a combination of Ace, King, and Queen while the lowest is a combination of 2, 3, and 4. 


A straight or sequence occurs when three cards are arranged in sequential order regardless if they have different suits. The highest straight hand is a combination of an Ace, King, and Queen that disregards their colours entirely. 


A flush or colour requires you to have three cards of the same suit no matter what the values show you. When two players get a flush, the one who has the higher-valued cards wins the round. The highest flush in the game has a value of Ace, King, or Queen while the lowest is 2, 3, and 4. 


A pair or double refers to two cards of the same value. If two or more players get a pair during a Teen Patti round, the one who has the highest-valued pair wins the game. In the ranking, a pair of two Aces wins the game against other pairs while 2 and 3 are the lowest.

No pair

No pair or high card acts similarly to how poker treats its own high cards. If no other ranking combinations appear in the game, players can look at each of their individual cards to beat the other players depending on their values. A sole card of Ace, King, or Queen are the highest ranking no pairs in the game. 


What are the rules of the game?

Now that you know the Teen Patti hand rankings, it’s time to learn more how the rules work. Just like any other casino game, you have to follow the rules to make the game fair and more enjoyable. Fortunately, Teen Patti’s rules are fairly simple and it only takes a few minutes to fully get a grasp of them.

Below are the different rules when playing Teen Patti:

Blind players

In Teen Patti, there are certain mechanics that make the game more unique compared to other casino games. For instance, a blind is an aspect of the game where players won’t check the cards before placing their wagers. 

The rules for blind players are quite simple. Players have to bet on the minimum or current pot, and you can also add or bet twice the current stake amount. But, once you check your cards you will immediately become a ‘seen’ player which has a separate set of rules. 

Seen players

As mentioned, when a player checks their cards they instantly become the seen players. For these players, they are required to place twice as much as the current staked amount but not more than quadruple the current bet. 


A show bet can only occur when everyone but two players folded or decided to remove themselves from the game. The remaining players will get the option to show their cards and pick who wins the round. 

Only blind players can wager on the current stake and request a show while those who paid for said show can take a look at the hand of their cards. If you are a seen player and the opposing player is blind, you can’t ask for a show since only blind players can purchase said show. 


Sideshow is a rule where you privately compare your hand with another opponent in the middle of a Teen Patti round. However, you have to ask for a sideshow which requires a mutual agreement of the other players around so you can proceed with this mechanic. 

Other players may choose to refuse or accept the sideshow where if they chose the former, the game will continue on without anyone checking each other’s cards. If the latter occurs, then you two will privately compare hands. The player with the lower hand ranking will then fold and the game proceeds. If two players get the same value, the player who asked for the sideshow in the first place will then fold.  

How to play Teen Patti online?

After learning about the rules, it’s time to get into how the game works. To get you started, below are some of the most important steps to begin playing and winning payouts in Teen Patti: 

Placing your ante

Before the game begins, a dealer randomly chooses someone or draws among the pool of players who are participating in the game. When drawing cards, the player who will get the highest number will become the dealer of the game. 

Receiving your hand 

Once the ante has been established, the cards will be dealt face-down. These will act as your hand where you need to get the highest value depending on the Teen Patti card hand rankings. 

Playing the blind or seen game

Once the cards have been dealt, all players on the game will decide on whether they’ll play blind or seen. As established in the rules, blinds will not check their cards and follow specific betting rules while seen players can take a peek at their hand. 

Betting and folding

After you decide if you’re a blind or seen player, you will then be given an option to either bet or fold. Betting is a signal that you have good cards that can challenge other players while folding means that you currently have one of the possible worst cards as your hand. 

Last man standing

After the betting and folding process is over, a winner will eventually be decided. The only player left and the last one who wagered on the pot will be the winner of the game. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have the best possible hand ranking. Just like poker, if you can bluff well, you’ll be able to trick everyone into folding and you take all the pot. 

Winning strategies in Teen Patti

There are a few strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning. While this is a luck-based game, there are still some unique skills and helpful tips you can learn to help you win against your opponents. 

Play as the blind

Playing blind allows you to raise the bets without paying much in return. The best part is that other players will have to pay more which means they are putting more at risk while you’re being opportunistic and possibly winning way more than you paid for. 

Manage your bankroll and place small bets 

Bankroll management is essential in all casino games so you can prolong your gameplay and win more instead of flaming out. It takes a lot of discipline to pull it off, but once you do, you’ll be an unstoppable force in Teen Patti. 

Practice makes perfect

There’s no better way to be better at the game than constantly practising your gameplay so you can improve on your bluffing and decision-making skills. This tip takes the most time to pull off, and oftentimes you can never be perfect when playing. 

Teen Patti is undoubtedly one of the most prominent casino games that offers a unique experience for players who want a fun time. What’s great about it is the gameplay is simple and you can win high payouts and Bitcasino bonus when playing. So, what are you waiting for? Start betting now at sites like Bitcasino! 


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