Beginner’s Guide to Online Poker

Play poker online through Bitcasino’s Bombay Club. It offers low-stake games to ensure all players have a fun and relaxing game rather than stressing over a competitive environment. Despite the inexpensive bankroll, the Bombay Club offers a luxurious experience. Games are hosted in a luxury studio and the dealer is a highly-trained professional dressed in formal attire.

The environment is also regulated by technical support to ensure that every player is having fun. They will address behaviours of players or work on technical difficulties that they are experiencing.

Why Play Online Poker Instead of Land-based Poker?

There are plenty of advantages that online poker has over land-based poker. The first one is that they are accessible. Nobody needs to get dressed and travel to take a seat at the table. The second advantage is that online poker lobbies often have a very low betting minimum compared to land-based poker tables.

The third one is that online poker is a casual social game. You may play poker while doing something else. Finally, online poker can be played with any currency that the website supports.

How to Play Poker

There are many versions of poker offered online. The most popular of which is Texas Hold’em. Other versions include Omaha, Stud, Razz, and more. Despite their differences, they all follow a few common elements:

The Hand - this is the combination of five cards that each player presents during the showdown. It is a combination of the cards on the community board and in the hole. The community board is shared by everyone while the hole is exclusive to each player.

The Ante - This is the first wager that one or two players have to pay to start the game. The most popular format involves small and big blinds. The small blind is the first player to the left of the dealer who must pay an ante equal to the minimum stakes of the lobby. The big blind is next but they must pay twice that amount. This also sets up the stake for the game.

Stages of the Game - Every poker game goes through several stages of betting. Each one ends once everyone has taken an action without raising the stakes. The five-card draw version only has two stages but others tend to have four or five.

Player Actions - Players can choose between four actions during their turn. The first is check which means passing the turn without betting. This can only be done when there is no stake in the current stage. The call is matching the previous player’s wager. A raise means betting higher than the previous player’s bet. Folding means to surrender until the game is reset.

Don’t be afraid to play poker online. Games at Bitcasino from Evolution Gaming have an amazingly readable interface that makes poker feel streamlined. The system will show you your options and lock in what you can’t do so you don’t have to worry about breaking the rules.


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