Top 3 popular poker variants you should play

If you are in the gambling industry for a while now, there is no doubt that you have encountered a poker game in an intense action at one point or another. Insert why poker is popular here then its basic rules With the continuous popularity of online casino gaming, have you ever wondered what Bitcoin (BTC) poker is all about?

What is the difference between traditional and Bitcoin poker?

There is not much difference when it comes to playing poker online or at a land-based casino. The differences you need to watch out for are the different variants and methods of payment. For instance, when playing poker at Bitcasino, you can use Bitcoin to place your bets.

When it comes to using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, there are a lot of advantages. This includes anonymous transactions which give you more privacy when placing your bets. Although there is some risk of fraud, it can be prevented. Due to the decentralised nature of the Bitcoin blockchain, reputable sites can ensure the security of your personal information.

On the other hand, when playing at land-based casinos, your transaction must be processed by the operator and admin. When this happens, you might need to wait for 3 to 5 business days for the transaction to complete. However, when playing Bitcoin casino poker, it is guaranteed that the transaction will reflect in a couple of minutes or in real-time.

Another downtime of traditional online casinos, fees associated with withdrawing funds can be a hassle for many players. Since Bitcoin casino poker transactions are decentralised, it is less expensive because there are no third-party merchants. 

Bitcoin casino poker terms you should know

Before diving straight into the game, there are terms that you should know to have a better grasp of the game mechanics. This will help you to play like a pro. Here are some of them:

  • Fold - Knowing when is the right time to hold is one of the most important skills in poker that you should master. When you fold, discard your cards and wait for your next turn.
  • Ante - Before any cards are dealt, the ante is a small wager made. Players may use it as a side bet in various Bitcoin poker games, each with its own interpretation.
  • Community cards - placed in the middle of the table wherein both you and the dealer.
  • Flush - When you have all of your cards in the same suit, this is called a flush. There are other kinds of flushes, and one of them is called Straight. This is created by a series of cards with the same rank that remains uninterrupted.
  • Hole cards - These are cards dealt face-down. Hole cards are also the card shown before the final reveal.
  • Four of a kind - It is one of the best hands in poker wherein all four cards have the same numerical value such as four aces.

3 popular variations of Bitcoin casino poker

Online casino sites like Bitcasino have several variations of poker to play. 

Triple Card Poker

The player and dealer are given three cards after placing ante. The cards dealt face up are yours, while the cards face down are the dealer's. Decide whether to raise or fold your hand and play your call for the same stake as the ante.

The dealer must fold if his hand is less than a queen high, and your ante bet and your call stake are both paid out at 1:1. You can place two side bets before the round begins: the Pair Plus and the Six Card Bonus bets. Pair Plus Bonus bets are paid out at the going rate if your hand shows a pair or better. 

Casino Holdem’

Instead of playing against other players, you play against the dealer in this variation of Bitcoin casino poker. You only need to defeat the dealer's five-card hand to win a round. The player and dealer are dealt two cards face down to begin the game.  Even though you can't see each other's cards, you can get a sense of how strong your opponent's hand is at this stage.

The next thing that unfolds is the time to decide based on the cards in front of you. You have two options. You can call, meaning you match the dealer's bet and decide to continue on to the next round. However, if you think your hand isn't strong enough to beat the dealer's, you can fold. After some rounds, you and the dealer reveal your cards and see who has the best hand. It is a tie if both of you have identical hands. If so, your stake is returned.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean stud is another poker variant wherein the bettors are playing against the dealer. When playing the game, players are dealt five hole cards face down, whereas the dealer receives five cards, four of which are hidden from view and while one card is revealed.

If you think you have a strong hand, be sure to call. This requires a wager equal to two times the ante. If you believe you have a weak hand, you can choose to fold your cards and proceed to the next round. 

Caribbean Stud has the most winning combinations when compared to other Bitcoin poker games. In this game, the majority of winning hands payout at a greater rate. Unlike when playing Casino Hold'em, you can select the best five cards from seven, you only have five hole cards to work with here.

If you are looking for more fun and engaging games, you’ll never run out of options in Bitcasino. Even if you are having a lot of fun playing Bitcoin casino poker games, remember to set a betting limit and observe responsible gambling at all times.


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