Sic Bo in a nutshell: All you need to know about betting options

Who would have thought that your wealth is contingent upon the outcome of three dice that have fairly small sizes? With Sic Bo, however, you put your fate based on your knowledge of the mathematical probability of its multiple betting options. 

Have a break and explore the classic Chinese game that dates back centuries before. Sic Bo is easy to learn, has instant results, and is definitely lucrative. Only that, the latter is still widely subjective. So, stay with us and keep on reading below because this page guides you on which bets have the highest odds and are low-risk strategies.


Sic Bo betting options

Do note that Sic Bo payouts vary by different casinos. Whether you are new to the game or not, it is highly advisable to play along with the generous bonuses provided by premium and favourable crypto casino sites like Bitcasino.

Small and big bets

The small and big bets are the best and most basic betting options in the game. Due to their smallest house edge and excellent payouts, Sic Bo is often referred to as the small and big game. The numbers encompassed by this betting spectrum are as follows:

  • Small bet: You bet on any dice sum ranging from numbers 4 to 10 (inclusive), apart from a triple.
  • Big bet: You bet on any dice sum ranging from numbers 11 to 17, apart from a triple. 

Combination bets

You bet on two or more specific numbers. In turn, the combination bet has the following variants:

  • Two dice combos or domino bet: You bet on two different numbers on any two of the dice.
  • Four number combos: You bet on any three of the four number combos will appear: (6, 5, 4, 3); (6, 5, 3, 2); (5, 4, 3, 2); or (4, 3, 2, 1). 
  • Three single number combos: You bet on any three different numbers that the three dice will show. 
  • Specific double and single combos: You bet on a specific double number for two of the dice and another different number for the third die.

Single dice bet

You bet on a certain number (1 to 6) that will appear in any of the three dice. 


Pair and triple bets

Pair and triple bets have high returns, as you don’t bet on a specific number or combos. Instead, you bet two or three dice will arrive at the same number.

Total bet

Also called three dice total, you bet on the total sum of the three dice. It must be within the range of 4 to 17, inclusive.

Odd or even bets

Another safe bet that you can consistently use at Bitcasino is to bet on the sum of three dice as either an odd or even number.


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