6 strategies to win blackjack without card counting

Following poker, blackjack is another casino table game that involves an element of skill, and it’s also among the few casino games that have the lowest house edge. While it’s pretty quick to understand its mechanics in less than five minutes, it also takes quite a while to triumphantly beat the dealer in a row. 

As always, the highly recommended strategy that can sway its odds is through card counting. While not entirely unlawful, it is frowned upon by most established land casinos. So, here are some of the six most effective strategies to win blackjack without the need for counting cards. 

  1. Practice online blackjack

Thanks to the ingress of online gambling, online casinos like Bitcasino offer a ‘play for free’ option. It allows you to fully explore the blackjack’s mechanics, try out various variants, test different strategies, and even develop your own techniques without costing you extra money. 

  1. Know first your preferred blackjack variant

Since blackjack is a member of the global family of banking games, expect that it also comes with several regional variants. Before laying down your bets and aiming to hit 21, bear in mind that not all betting strategies and playing tips would commonly be effective to all different types. To get you started, the most popular today are American (classic), European, and Spanish 21, to name a few. On that note, this leads to the third tip.

  1. Hole carding

One of the major differences between American and European blackjack is that the dealers in the former variant have a hole card or face-up card. This helps them to peek anytime if there is a probable natural, thus putting you at a disadvantage in making decisions due to incomplete details. 

So, enter hole carding. It’s the art of knowing their unexposed cards by being intensively on the lookout, as well as adhering to the casino’s gambling etiquette. It’s legal so long as you don’t use any devices like mirrors or practice signalling with other players, because most of the time, veterans get a peek due to the dealers’ sloppiness and slowness. 

  1. Learn when to split

With correct timing and firm command over theoretical knowledge, blackjack splitting can become a highly effective technique. It’s one of the game’s beneficial offers because it allows you to split the two dealt cards of the same value to form two new hands. Since the American blackjack is the most common variant in both land-based and online casinos, here are reminders of when you should split:

Always split when:

  • Aces
  • Eights

Don’t split when:

  • Nines or tens
  • fives
  1. Martingale system

There is no harm in trying an aggressive approach to blackjack, so long as you are aware of implementing the ‘stop-loss’ policy. Meaning to say, only bet money that you can afford to lose. The Martingale system is a popular betting strategy perfect for high-rollers. It suggests that you increase your bet after every loss. In turn, you will both get your lost money back and a little profit.

  1. Keep a blackjack cheat sheet

When all else fails, there’s also no harm in seeking help from the blackjack cheat sheet. It’s a comprehensive chart that suggests different types of actions to take. While it’s perfectly legal to use it, don’t forget to ask permission from the dealer. On that note, it might be handier to use it when you opt for ‘play for free’ at online casinos like Bitcasino.


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