Your complete guide on Turbo Game’s Fury Stairs at Bitcasino

There are tons of amazing games you can play online that can lead to big payouts. While there are conventional casino games you can enjoy, such as poker and blackjack, there are tons of new options to explore. In the digital age, software providers have become more creative with their game designs to attract new players.

Among the many titles you need to play is Turbo Games' Fury Stairs. It is one of the best online casino skill games that challenges your decision-making skills. If you thought climbing stairs was easy, this game will make you rethink that. 

If you are looking for a unique game concept and the same fun you can enjoy from Bitcasino slots, learn more about Fury Stairs now! Here is everything you need to know:

About Turbo Games

Before diving into how the game is played, here is a brief background on the game developer, Turbo Games:

A conceptual game developer

There are many reasons to start playing Turbo Games’ titles. If you are looking to take a break from the usual casino games, they have the best games to try out. They partnered with the best online casinos in the market and provided high-quality titles. Fury Stairs is only one of the many amazing games they have created over the years. 

Bitcasino live casino players have been enjoying these games on the side as a source of fast payouts. Besides Fury Stairs, they also offer fun games you can win big on such as:

  • Crash X
  • Dice Twice
  • Hamsta
  • Save the Princess
  • Neko 

Fury Stairs game design

Fury Stairs is a simplistic, retro-themed game that uses a red, grey, and black colour theme. When you first enter the game, you will immediately notice the different levels and the multipliers next to them. It is designed for intuitive and simple gameplay. On the left side of the game interface, you will find the ‘Bet Amount’ and ‘Number of Fireballs’ interactives. 

Before you start, you need to place your wagers by indicating the amount you wish to bet. It has a wager limit that ranges from €0.01 up to €100. When playing Fury Stairs, you can raise the ante by adding a layer of difficulty to the game. 

Found below the ‘Bet Amount’ interactive, you can decide how many fireballs will be present in each stairwell to achieve this. As you climb the ladder, the payouts increase in proportion to how many fireballs are ejected. 

Climb to the top: How to play Fury Stairs

Fury Stairs is a straightforward game to play. All you have to do is guess where to place the ladder to allow your red character to climb to the next multiplier. The twist is that if you attempt to ascend while your character is on fire, they will perish and you won't be able to win any prizes. 

By pressing the ‘Start Game’ button after you have finished configuring your bet size and level of difficulty, you can begin playing. The red character is at the bottom of the staircase; keep your attention on the right side of the screen. Selecting the block that your character will climb on is the next step. 

Although it may seem simple at first, you must exercise caution in your decision. If you don't, landing on a fireball could cost you the chance to win big.

You must repeat the process until you successfully reach the highest level after landing safely on the next level. When played at the hardest level, doing so can earn you a significant payout reward worth your wager. 


Tips to remember when playing Fury Stairs

To increase your odds of winning more rounds on Fury Stairs, there are different tips you can take into account. Although these do not guarantee your success since Fury Stairs is a game of chance, these can help you minimise losing unnecessarily. 

Never chase losses

Fury Stairs is a game of chance. This means that losses cannot be avoided. When you lose, you might feel the urge to keep playing the game in hopes of winning your money back. Most of the time, that doesn't work because you'll probably lose even more. This might start a vicious cycle that you won't want to be a part of. 

It's important to remember that there are always a variety of games and prizes available at online casinos, so don't take losses too personally.  

Use the bonuses to your advantage

Don't pass up the opportunities to receive bonuses and free money. They will play a crucial role in your experience because they will increase the benefits you can obtain. You can receive a lot of bonuses when you play, such as a Bitcasino bonus. Some of the ones you may encounter are:

  • No deposit bonus - This type of bonus can be claimed after you register for an account on the website and is frequently regarded as a welcome bonus. Most of the time it can come as a special or surprise offer that you can get without depositing any amount. 
  • Deposit bonus - Giving a player a deposit bonus is a typical tactic used by online casinos to keep them playing on the site. The first few deposits made by a new player will reward them with free spins, cash rewards, and reloads, which are frequently included in the welcome bonus.
  • Welcome bonus - These are bonuses given to new players who just created an account. As a token of appreciation for your confidence in them and to help you get started on your betting journey with them, they offer this type of bonus.

When playing Fury Stairs, use them wisely because they can increase a modest reward exponentially. To make the most of your bankroll, it's crucial to keep using them.  

Always keep your bankroll in mind

Fury Stairs is an amazing game, and you can easily fall down its rabbit hole once you get the hang of it. In some cases, people forget that they have a limited bankroll when they play. This is crucial to keep in mind because you should always be in charge of your finances. Avoid getting engrossed in potential rewards or even potential losses. 

You should start small when playing at the casino because it won't work if you immediately spend all of your money. The best time to increase your bets is as you advance. You will probably win more in the long run as long as you are conscious of your financial situation. 

Stop once you won your target amount

When playing Fury Stairs, you might want to keep betting if you are having a good run so you can earn more rewards. However, you are more likely to lose money if you continue doing this, this has turned into a common pitfall for players. 

Before playing Fury Stairs or any other casino game, the secret to avoiding unnecessary losses is to stop betting once you’ve won your target amount. It is also best to stick to your budget and save a sizable portion, you'll probably succeed.  

Why you should play Fury Stairs

Fury Stairs is unlike any other entertainment you can find because it demands careful thought. You can also try a few of the most common betting strategies as you place your bets on this game. Fury Stairs’ upbeat background music will ensure that you have a fun gaming experience. Apart from that, Fury Stairs' user interface is simple to grasp. 

The key playing buttons, along with the payout options, are all readily visible on the screen. When you reach the highest level of the game, your efforts to work hard will pay off with a satisfying experience. Additionally, you need to safely direct a small red character as it ascends the screen. 

This will follow you everywhere, so make sure the block you choose will give him security. Play safely because if the player comes into contact with the scalding flames, it will end the round and cause injuries. 

Where can you play Fury Stairs?

You can enjoy Fury Stairs at online casinos where Turbo Games are offered. The best place to play this game is Bitcasino. They offer different bonuses that will help you win bigger and better prizes in the long run. By making your first deposit, you can enjoy the full benefits of their welcome bonus.

There are other casino games you can also enjoy if you wish to explore more titles. This includes the classics such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, and more. 

Fury Stairs: Start the climb and win big!

So what are you waiting for? Start the climb towards the game’s big multipliers now at Bitcasino! Challenge your prediction and decision-making skills as you guess the best block for your character to climb onto. Be prepared to stay cool as you climb Fury Stairs, a rewarding adventure on a staircase filled with fireballs.

Similar to a game of Minesweeper and Donkey Kong, stay focused on your set goals so you do not lose your chances of winning the jackpot of 700x your initial bet. 


What is the RTP of Fury Stairs?

Take advantage of Fury Stairs' impressive RTP of 97%. You can do this by selecting the position that will keep your character secure as he climbs the stairs. For every $100 wager, you can expect $97 within several betting rounds. 

What are the betting limits of Fury Stairs?

You can wager as little as €0.01 and as much as €100 on Fury Stairs, respectively. When betting on the game, remember to keep your bankroll in mind to avoid any unnecessary losses.

Where can I play Fury Stairs?

Bitcasino is the leading online casino that offers a huge selection of Turbo Games. This includes Fury Stairs. Play without limits by becoming a Bitcasino VIP player for a greater chance to win the game’s jackpot!


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