Bitcasino Loyalty program: How does it work?

Play online casino games as much as you want and get rewarded for your patronage and time. That’s the main concept behind the Bitcasino Loyalty program, one of the casino’s most exciting promos. The more you play, the more rewards you get. You can even level up for better offers. Aim for the Bitcasino VIP status to enjoy the best benefits an online casino gambler can ask for.

The best way to fully understand the Bitcasino Loyalty program is to explore what it entails. Take the time to read through all of the pointers below. Each one explains one of many important parts of a loyalty program promotion offered by Bitcasino—the first licenced Bitcoin casino. Get rewards as you bet using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tether (USDT).

Bitcasino tiered loyalty levels and what to expect from each one

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The Bitcasino Loyalty Club has different levels you can progress through as you keep playing any game on the site. The structure is as follows arranged from lowest to highest:

  • Beginner
  • Fan
  • Expert
  • Master
  • Guru
  • Legend
  • Hero

Each time you make a bet, you’re rewarded with points. Collect enough of it to move up to the next level. When you reach a new level, you become eligible for all the benefits promised at your current level as well as previous ones. So, the higher your Bitcasino Loyalty Club level, the more rewards you get. 

There is another layer to the loyalty program tier ladder. Every level has several milestones for you to clear before eventually reaching the next one. Each of these also rewards you, usually in free spins, free chips, or cashback. 

There is no milestone between Beginner and Fan but there is one between Fan to Expert. Every subsequent level has more milestones, making it more challenging to reach the next level. On the flip side, this also means more rewards to claim along the way.

How does the Loyalty Club work at Bitcasino?

The way the Bitcasino Loyalty Club works is straightforward. It follows this standard flow of events in a step-by-step arrangement:

  • Play any game in Bitcasino 
  • For every 1 USDT or equivalent,  Bitcasino rewards your bet with 5 points 
  • Collect enough points to reach the next milestone or tier
  • When you reach a new milestone/tier, you unlock new rewards and benefits
  • You can claim your rewards or find new bonuses in your account

You are paid in points for every 1 USDT in your wager. For example, if you have a bet worth 10 USDT, you get 50 points. This same calculation applies to other currencies in their direct conversion rate to USDT. Asset prices are updated according to market trends and you can see the latest exchange rate at the bottom of any Bitcasino page.

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What are the Bitcasino Loyalty points?

Bitcasino Loyalty points are exclusively found on the Loyalty progress page. Its purpose is to help you rise to higher levels. This is not a dispensable resource so you don’t have to worry about losing it and instead stay confident that you just keep earning more the longer you play. 

Every month, these loyalty points reset, reverting your progress at the beginning of your current loyalty level. This gives you the chance to unlock all milestones again and enjoy their rewards. 

However, resetting also means you lose progress toward reaching the next level. If there is no point in your loyalty progress, you will be rolled back to a lower loyalty level. This can happen if you don’t play for an entire month.

What is a loyalty point multiplier?

Higher levels in the Bitcasino Loyalty program require more points than the last before you can advance to the next tier. This means you’ll need to play more games or place bigger bets. But to keep things exciting, you get to have a point multiplier once you reach the Master level. The lowest multiplier begins at 1.25x and it increases as you advance to higher levels. 

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The multiplier directly affects the value of points you earn per bet. For example, the points you earn from every 1 USDT bet in the Guru level will be 7.5 instead of 5, allowing you to progress faster than in lower levels. Here's a summary of the multipliers for each level in the Bitcasino Loyalty program:




Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Bitcasino Loyalty program: Cashback offers

Bitcasino cashback can come from a promotion from the bonuses page but it’s also one of the three rewards you can get from completing a milestone. This promotion allows you to get back a fraction of your net loss at the end of the specified time frame. This reward is often non-cashable but you may use it to place bets. 

Any winnings from bets made using a cashback reward are withdrawable, making this bonus a great way to prolong your playtime. Make sure to claim it whenever possible to maximise its benefits every time you progress through the Loyalty Club. Visit the ‘My Rewards’ page after clearing a Bitcasino milestone to see if you have a cashback offer to claim.

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Bitcasino Loyalty program: Milestone prizes

In the Bitcasino Loyalty program, when you reach a milestone, you can earn prizes such as free spins and free chips. These rewards work as extra funds that prolong your gameplay. Use them to place bets on games at Bitcasino and win cash prizes as you would using your deposited funds or other promotions’ cash rewards. 

There is a major difference between the two of them and those are as follows:

  • Free spins → These are for slot games only, where you spin the reels to win cash prizes. The cost per spin varies depending on the description, so make sure you always read the terms and conditions before betting. It usually starts at the minimum bet (0.1 USDT) but answers vary per offer.
  • Free chips → Chips are used to place bets on table games exclusively. Unlike free spins, you can stack these rewards into one bet like how other chips work. A free chip is usually worth the lowest bet on the table (0.25 USDT) but the ability to stack them allows you to have a bigger ante. Again, the value may also differ based on the terms and conditions.

You can claim your milestone prizes on the ‘My Rewards’ page, similar to the cashback offer. Choose your preferred offer then play games that let you benefit from its rewards. Keep in mind that there may be further requirements like being limited to specific titles or software providers so read the terms and conditions to double-check your limits as a player. 

Bitcasino VIP club: Exclusive experience to loyal customers

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The more you play and strive for the highest levels of the Loyalty Club, the more likely Bitcasino will notice you. As a token of appreciation for your patronage, you may get the chance to join the exclusive Bitcasino VIP program. It’s an invitation-only program and you are likely to be eligible if you play with big bets and/or a frequent customer of the casino. 

Bit casino VIP Club benefits include several personalised services. Here’s a list and what they mean for you as a gambler:

Type of serviceDescription
Dedicated VIP managerYou’ll have a personal manager assigned to assist you in managing your account. You can consult with them about available promotions or ask for solutions for specific needs. 
High-value rewardsEnjoy weekly bonuses that offer more exciting rewards than you already have. They often come in the form of customised cashback/rebate bonuses or new offers that are unique to you.
Higher limits Every casino game has maximum betting limits like in low-roller tables. If you’re a VIP, access high-roller tables where you can place bigger bets on your favourite games.
24/7 priority supportReceive fast assistance from customer service, ensuring quicker responses and solutions to your inquiries. 
Luxurious holiday giftsReceive valuable gifts occasionally. They are sometimes rewards you can use at the casino but they can also be physical gifts like a car or electronics. It depends on the holiday being celebrated and your preference as a customer. 

Additionally, as a VIP, you can be invited to special events that Bitcasino is hosting or affiliated with. This includes major league sports games or luxury vacations abroad. Bitcasino covers all expenses, including first-class flights, hotel lodging, and hospitality packages, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Bitcasino Loyalty Club conditions

The terms and conditions for the Bitcasino Loyalty program are straightforward. First of all, the required number of points to reach each new loyalty level is as follows:


(Level 1) – 0 points (your account starts here upon registration)

  • No milestone

(Level 2) – 5 points

  • 1 milestone

(Level 3) – 3,750 points

  • 6 milestones

(Level 4) – 30,000 points

  • 12 milestones

(Level 5) – 250,000 points

  • 11 milestones

(Level 6) – 750,000 points

  • 12 milestones

(Level 7) – 3,750,000 points

  • Unlimited milestones

The requirements for the Bitcasino Loyalty Club are fixed throughout your membership. However, the number of milestones between them and the required number of points for each one varies across all tiers. All rewards are personalised as they are adjusted to the types of games you play and your regular bet size. Milestone rewards will therefore be different per instance. 

There is clarification needed for how points are awarded. The 1 USDT bet is not a requirement to get points in the Bitcasino Loyalty Clubhouse but a scale. That means you can get points even if your stake is below that. For example, a bet equivalent to 0.1 USDT earns you 0.5 points to contribute to your loyalty program progress. This applies to all currencies, fiat and crypto alike. 

Finally, Bitcasino reserves the right to cancel milestone rewards and associated aspects of the Loyalty Club at its sole discretion. You will be notified of this decision when it’s done and the reasons behind it will be provided. All other terms and conditions on Bitcasino’s website apply to your use of the Loyalty Club program and its benefits.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Bitcasino Loyalty program:

You don’t need to join the Bitcasino Loyalty program. Playing casino games immediately after registration will give you points without having to opt in. It is already active as soon as you make an account, giving you its benefits at any time you are logged in.
Yes. Playing casino games at Bitcasino is the main way to earn loyalty points. All bets made using any currency count towards your level-up progress and unlocking of milestone rewards.
No. The benefits of the loyalty program are free. They are additional rewards you can enjoy on top of your payouts from playing online casino games.
The loyalty program itself does not expire in any capacity but points and rewards can. Points earned are reset per month, putting you back to 0 in your current level. If you don’t have points at the start of a new month, then you are relegated to a lower tier. Milestone rewards can have expiration dates but how long and when depends on the bonus conditions.
No. Loyalty points are awarded to the account that earns them. Only you can benefit from your activities playing casino games at Bitcasino. No one can take it from you nor can you willingly give it to someone else.

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