Advantages you can enjoy when betting with crypto

Cryptocurrencies are known for their massive potential around the world. Their value continues to draw people to invest in them and increase their knowledge on volatile digital assets. Since reaching global notoriety, more nations are accepting crypto as legal tender––a move that represents crypto's profound influence on investment behaviour.

Aside from retail, people also use crypto for entertainment purposes. On the internet are many online casino sites where players can test their luck and win prizes on their chosen slots or live dealer games. As online counterparts of the brick and mortar scene, these sites are also known for offering convenience to their players. Many sites allow players to use the convenient payment methods they prefer, including cryptocurrencies. 

Using crypto became widely popular as it provides several advantages for anyone who uses it. If you are wondering about the benefits that players can enjoy when they use their coins to place bets on sites like Bitcasino, here are some of them. 

Fast transactions 

Crypto is best known for being an effective medium for fast transactions. Using it to bet on their favourite games is also convenient since making transactions with them is faster than usual. The reason behind this is that crypto removes the use of middlemen in their transactions, accomplishing everything in a few minutes. 

Their speed also comes with the guarantee that all their transactions are efficient. For more convenience, each transaction only comes with minimal transaction fees. 

Better prizes

One of the main differences between betting with crypto and with fiat is that the prizes won with crypto can increase in value. As volatile assets, players can expect their prizes to grow well in the crypto market. 

Depending on a player’s style, they may either keep the prizes on their account until the value grows. Some players immediately transfer the prizes to their accounts so that they may grow in value alongside other coins. Regardless of method, better prizes await players who manage their accounts wisely.


Another advantage players love is the option to make anonymous transactions. With the decentralized nature of crypto, players are given the chance to not disclose personal information. 

All crypto transactions are recorded on public ledgers called blockchains but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be traced back to the owners. Counted as crypto transactions, players’ gaming histories also don’t reflect on bank statements since they are not affiliated with third parties. 

These are just some of the advantages that players can play when they bet with their crypto coins on websites like Bitcasino. If you haven’t tried it before, we suggest giving it a shot to discover why many players are so hooked on betting with their crypto assets.


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