Bitcasino account help centre: Security and management guide

Bitcasino offers a robust set of features for account management. In your profile, you’ll find tabs for bonuses, customer information, security, and account settings among others. One crucial part is setting up ways to authenticate your account, which further protects you from all kinds of security breaches. 

Why is account management important? The answer revolves around personalisation and security

Since you are using cryptocurrency to play casino games, it’s important to prevent anyone else from accessing your account and using it without your permission. Manage your security settings with this guide.

Consider casino account verification

Normally, you can rely on your username and password when using online services. However, there are limits to how this can protect your Bitcasino account. Its only weakness is when someone figures out your username and password which gives them access to your account and your bankroll. But, if you go through casino account verification, it gives you more ways to protect your account.


Benefits include:

  • It’s easier to recover or change your password.
  • Your claims to report hack attempts are easier to verify.
  • Suspicious activities are easier to detect and report to you if discovered.

Bitcasino takes security seriously, but it will find it difficult to identify you without a proper authentication set-up. Providing the username and email address is only a start. A fully verified Bitcasino account should include your legal name, mailing address, and government-issued documents. The accepted documents include the following:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • ID card
  • Residence permit

This process helps Bitcasino know you better which will aid in stopping identity theft. No one will access your account without your express permission from any device even if they have your username and password. What’s important is the authentication confirmation sent to your preferred contact channel (SMS, Line, or Telegram) when entering Bitcasino.

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The first step begins with signing up for an account where you can provide basic information for Bitcasino to know about you. It only asks for your preferred username and contact information as well as your birth date. 


You can even sign up faster by using accounts in third-party applications. This not only speeds up the process but also gives the benefit of a verified alternate account to support your authentication. You have several options to choose from:

  • Google 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • Apple
  • Ton Keeper
  • MetaMask 

Your username can be whatever you like and the email address can be your personal email or an account created for gambling purposes. Giving your phone number is also optional for those who don’t want to offer such personal information.


Once you sign up, there’s no need to verify your email address. Right away, you’ll receive Bitcasino’s welcome message as well as notifications on exciting deals if you allow it. They’ll also use email to contact you for activities like logging into new devices so you can detect if someone is using your account without your knowledge. 

The 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is an optional security measure you can enable. It does not need casino account verification so you can set it up right away. There are two means to do so namely Short Message/Messaging Service (SMS) and using a third-party app. 

Here’s how you set up both at

Setting up SMS 2FA

The SMS 2FA method needs your phone number. Provide the area code (in Japan, it’s +81) followed by 10 digits. You can find this in the ‘security’ tab when you click on your Bitcasino profile. Here’s how you set it up:

Step 1: Toggle the SMS authentication setting.

Step 2: Provide your phone number in the input box that pops up.

Step 3: Click on ‘send code’. 

Step 4: Provide the one-time code sent to your cell phone inbox. 

Setting up app 2FA

The app authentication method is a bit more complex as it requires you to follow the third-party service’s process. suggests using Google Authentication. Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Toggle the app authentication setting. 

  • You can either generate a QR code or use the setup key provided.

Step 2: Open the Google Authentication app on your mobile device.

  • Open the QR scanner to scan the generated QR code on your Bitcasino account.
  • Type the setup key provided into the Google Authentication app.

Step 3: Type the generated verification code from the app to the app authentication input box.


Both methods are completed almost instantly after providing the verification code. After which, you can rest assured that your casino account is safe from all unauthorised login attempts. You can only have one of either 2FA options active at a time. If you wish to switch to the other method, then you have to deactivate what’s active.

Managing your account on offers plenty of means to personalise your account but there are limits. Here’s a list of what you can and can’t do with your casino account:

Changing your security settings

The 2FA options provided are easy to change or remove if you need to. For example, if you lose your smartphone or switch to a different service provider, you can turn it off while on the security page and then provide the verification code it asks for. You can turn it on again to input a new contact detail or activate the other method for a different process. 

Changing username/email

You cannot change your account’s username and email address because these are Bitcasino’s way of identifying you. If you want to, then you’ll have to close your current account and then re-register using a different username and/or email address. 

Contact customer services before attempting this change. They can assist with your new account if you have authenticated your customer information. 

Remember, you cannot transfer bonuses and bankroll so withdraw your crypto before committing to the action. Once the older account is closed, you’ll be allowed to authenticate your customer information again on the new one. 

Changing your password

Resetting a lost password follows the standard process of clicking the ‘forgot password’ on the casino account login page. Enter your email address and click on the ‘reset password’ button. You’ll receive an email from giving you a password reset link. Click on it to open the page where you can set your new password. 

If you don’t receive any email from regarding your password reset, then check other sections of your inbox. Possible places include the spam folder and important emails depending on your inbox settings.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Bitcasino account management:

Verifying your identity is the best way to protect your account from scammers as well as use customer services. They can contact you through the right channels and notify you of suspicious activities like logging in on a new device.
Yes, but only to change details like residency, Line ID, Telegram ID, and phone number. Information like name, birthdate, username, and email address are permanent.
You’re asked to upload documents as part of your identity verification process. This ensures that Bitcasino can confirm your identity and comply with regulations. It also needs to be government-issued to give the website further proof of your identity.