Getting assistance from Bitcasino support

Bitcasino is one of the leading crypto casinos that provide high-quality and exciting gaming experience. However, even the most seamless platforms like Bitcasino can sometimes encounter technical issues or queries that require expert guidance.

This is where the site’s casino support steps in, providing crucial info and assistance to ensure a smooth sailing online casino experience. Know more about Bit casino support with this guide:

Bitcasino account

One of the most important aspects of having seamless and hassle-free casino gaming is knowing how to manage your Bitcasino account. Learn how to do so with these Bitcasino support account-related queries:

Account verification

Account verification is all about confirming your identity and details. Bitcasino asks you to verify your account to safeguard your info from identity theft and money laundering.

Why are you asked to upload documents? 

With strict rules against money laundering, Bitcasino's payment service partner, Block Tech, will sometimes do extra checks on your transactions. This includes asking you more questions and making you submit certain files to make sure the process is safe and fair for all.

Log in

Logging in to your Bitcasino account requires your username/email address and password. Learn how to manage your login credentials with these account casino help center queries:

How do you change your username or email address?

For now, you can not make changes to your username or email address. If you still want to change them, it’s best to close your existing account and create a new one with the updated info by contacting Bitcasino via email.

How to reset your password?


Step 2: Input your email address and click the ‘Request password reset’


Step 3: Check your email inbox for the email sent by Bitcasino. If you can’t find it in your inbox, check folders like spam. 

Step 4: Open the email and click on the link to change your password.

Step 5: You’ll be redirected to where you will input your new password.

Bitcasino Bitcoin purchase

Bitcoin (BTC) is the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, making it one of the top payment options at Bitcasino. Learn more about about it here:

Why use BTC?

Using BTC for your transactions offers fast transaction times no matter your location. It is not controlled by a single person or government, making your transactions private. Transaction fees are also lower and chargebacks are impossible, reducing the risk of fraud.

How to buy BTC?

Log in to your account and follow this step-by-step guide on how to buy BTC:

Step 1: Click ‘Deposit’ on the upper right corner of the page.


Step 2: On the ‘Funds’ tab next to your ‘Active Balance’ in BTC, click ‘Deposit’.


Step 3: Click the drop-down button and choose the currency you’ll want to use to buy BTC.


Step 4: Select ‘Buy Bitcoins’ and choose the payment method you want to use.


Step 5: Finish the process by following the steps of the payment method you choose.

How do BTC transactions work?

With BTC, you can transfer funds across various digital wallets. The payer and payee first exchange private keys, which are randomly generated numbers.

The transactions are then confirmed 0 to 5 times with a single confirmation being the standard. However, transferring a higher volume of BTC often requires more confirmations.

The BTC network takes around 10 minutes to complete each confirmation. Once the transaction is finished, everyone can view the transaction excluding personal info. 

How to secure your BTC wallet?

A BTC wallet is a virtual wallet that stores your coin. Follow these tips to secure it:

  • Do not put all your crypto in one wallet.
  • Choose a trusted crypto wallet and use a two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.
  • Regularly back up your wallet. Don't forget to also encrypt any backup that is accessible over the network.
  • Store your password securely. Password recovery in the crypto world is limited compared to conventional banks. 
  • Use a strong password that’s at least 16 characters long with alphanumeric characters. 
  • Consider storing your assets in an offline wallet or cold wallet which is not connected to any network. When handled correctly, it provides excellent protection against security breaches. 

Bitcasino bonus


Bitcasino offers a unique reward system wherein instead of deposit bonuses, you claim different bonuses or rewards through the site’s regular promotions and tournaments. The rewards earned do not have wagering requirements. 

All registered Bitcasino players will receive emails about upcoming promos and tournaments. So, make sure to add Bitcasino as a trusted sender. Learn more about the site’s offers below:

What is a Bitcasino bonus?

A Bitcasino bonus is a reward offered by the site that you can claim to enhance your online gaming experience. These bonuses come in various forms, depending on the type of promo or tournament.

Bitcasino bonuses you can claim

Register an account and get the chance to claim the following Bitcasino bonuses:

Free spins

These perks are often used on a specific slot game without spending your own money. They don’t come with wagering requirements, allowing you to maximise them however you want. To claim free spins, you have to meet the qualifying criteria of the promo or tournament.  

Cash bonus

These are rewards given as bonus money that is instantly credited to your account balance. You can claim them by joining Bitcasino’s active promo or tournament.

Free chips

 Free chips are used to extend your gameplay on table games without spending more. Similar to free spins, free chips can only be claimed when you meet the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of the specific promo or tournament.

Where to find your bonuses?

You can find your active bonus in the ‘Rewards’ tab of your account settings.

What are Bitcasino tournaments?

Bitcasino tournaments are dynamic and time-limited promos. Each tournament has a set duration wherein you must accumulate points based on the set tournament mechanics.

This determines your ranking on the tournament leaderboard, affecting the final results and prize distribution. To join, simply press the ‘Opt-in’ button on the tournament page.  

Some of the types of Bitcasino tournaments you can join include:

The Total Bets Count Tournament

The goal of this tournament is to see who makes the most money during the tournament time. The calculation of points is determined solely by the stake amounts, without considering the number of bets. For instance, player A who has one wager of 50 mBTC will have higher points compared to player B who has 10 bets of 2 mBTC. 

The Total Bets Sum Tournament

This tournament focuses on the maximum number of bets made during the duration of the tournament. Points are calculated based on the number of bets regardless of the total stake amount. For example, player B who made 10 bets of 2 mBTC each will have a higher position on the leaderboard compared to player A who wagered 50 mBTC all at once. 

What is a Bitcasino Casino Boost?

The Casino Boost feature allows you to boost your winnings by a set percentage during a specific period. If you have an available Casino Boost, you will see a banner at the start page showing the boost percentage, expiration, and the games qualified for the boost.

The boost activates once the timer starts and any wins achieved during this period will be considered when calculating your boost payout. The timer will cease when it hits 0 or when the maximum boost amount is met.

How do you use your bonus code?

Activate your bonus code in the ‘Rewards’ tab of your account settings, if you have any:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Deposit’ tab found at the upper right corner of the screen.


Step 2: Select the ‘Rewards’ tab and enter your promo code.


Step 3: A claimable bonus will appear.

Step 4: Click ‘Submit’ to activate the bonus.

How many rewards can be used at once?

You can only activate one reward at a time.

Loyalty program


The casino Loyalty Club offers exclusive rewards wherein you collect points to climb up tiers. The higher your tier level, the better the rewards you claim.

How does Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club work?

You can climb the Loyalty levels by collecting Loyalty level points (LP) while playing casino games. Customised benefits are yours to claim as you climb these tiers.

You get points according to how much you stake. This simply means that with every wager, you progress through the Loyalty level. The only downside is that having an active reward will not earn you loyalty points.

What VIP rewards can you get?
Here are the following VIP benefits you can take advantage of:
Personalised service
Get exclusive bonuses tailored to your playstyle and receive invites to prestigious events. 
Dedicated VIP manager
You get a dedicated account manager who will manage your account and will cater to your needs.
Highest bet limits
Maximise unlimited withdrawals and deposits using crypto.
24/7 priority support
Get priority support 24/7 for instant solutions and answers to your queries.
Luxurious holiday gifts
Receive high-value gifts on your birthday and get personalised offers to enhance your gaming experience.
What are loyalty points multipliers?

Loyalty points multipliers multiply your points so that you can advance to the next Loyalty level faster. Here are the loyalty points multipliers based on your point level





Milestone rewards 

Level 1



0 to 4 pts


Level 2



5 to 3,749 pts

1 milestone reward 

Level 3



3,750 to 29,999 pts

6 milestone rewards

Level 4



30,000 to 249,999 pts

12 milestone rewards

Level 5



250,000 to 749,999 pts

11 milestone rewards

Level 6



750,000 to 3,749,999 pts

12 milestone rewards

Level 7



3,750,000 pts and more

Unlimited milestone rewards

Does the loyalty level go down?

Yes, once you collect enough points to reach a certain level, you stay on that level for the current month up to the next. At the start of the next month, all of your LP will then return to 0. If you collect fewer points in the next month than required, you will drop to the previous level.

How to become a VIP?

Entry to Bitcasino’s VIP Club is through invitation only. One of the best ways to get an invite is to keep on placing bets. When you reach the required level, Bitcasino will send you an email letting you know that you’ve reached the VIP status.

Casino payment methods

Bitcasino offers different payment options for hassle-free transactions. Learn about how each of these payment methods works below:

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is a popular casino deposit method on the site that allows you to deposit Japanese yen (JPY) seamlessly into your Bitcoin account. The minimum amount you can deposit is 1,000 JPY while the maximum amount is 1,250,000 JPY.

Follow these steps to deposit JPY to your Bitcasino account via bank transfer:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the upper right corner of the site.


Step 2: Click the drop-down menu to view all the available wallet currency options.


Step 3: Find JPY and click on it. This will make JPY your account’s main currency. 


Step 4: Choose the ‘Instant JPY Bank Transfer’ as your deposit method.


Step 5: Enter the amount you wish to deposit or select from the deposit options provided.


Step 6: Click ‘Next’ and follow the deposit instructions from there.


For withdrawals, follow the same instructions but instead of ‘Deposit’, click on the ‘Withdraw’ tab.

Debit card

Seamlessly deposit crypto to your Bitcasino account using your debit/ credit card:

  1. Choose ‘Onramper’ as your payment method.
  2. Select JPY and which coin you want to buy.
  3. Input the amount you wish to deposit. 
  4. Provide your email address.
  5. Retrieve the code from your email address and input it on the webpage. 
  6. Provide the necessary info and click ‘Continue’.
  7. Review your payment and fill in your card details.

Bitcasino supports transactions using the following coins:


Tether (USDT)


Bitcoin (BTC)


Ethereum (ETH)


Ripple (XRP)


Litecoin (LTC)




Cardano (ADA)


Dogecoin (DOGE)


Binance Coin (BNB)




Polygon (MATIC)


The Open Network (TON)


Get answers to your transaction-related questions and issues below:

If a bank is currently not on the list, this could be because it's not accepting online payments due to issues like technical problems. It will be back on the list as soon as the bank's online payment service is back up and running.
Contact Bitcasino immediately and send the transaction details if the connection is interrupted before it’s completed. The site will also ask you to send additional info to make sure the account is yours.
Most of the time, Bitcasino does not charge transactions made using Bitcoin (BTC), altcoin, or fiat currencies. If there are additional fees, you'll be instantly notified of extra fees for transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and currency conversions depending on their T&Cs.
The minimum withdrawal amount varies depending on your payment method but for BTC, the minimum withdrawal is BTC 0.001 = mBTC 1. Also, Bitcasino does not impose a maximum withdrawal limit.

Most crypto withdrawals are processed instantly. However, withdrawals with huge amounts are processed manually which can have a slight delay. 

For fiat currencies, Bitcasino sends the withdrawal request to a payment provider once the site has confirmed it. This means that the processing time for the withdrawal varies on how long it takes for the provider to process it. Some banks process transactions instantly while others can take up to 5 business days.

Terms and conditions

Learn about Bitcasino’s general T&Cs for hassle-free online betting and gaming sessions:

  • All the games available at the site are subject to Bitcasino’s T&Cs.
  • Bitcasino is entitled to make changes to its T&Cs at any time and without advance notice. If changes are made, the site will let you know by sending an email or by posting a message on the site. However, it is your sole responsibility to check the website for any changes, updates, or amendments.
  • You have to be at least 18 years of age to access the site.
  • It is your responsibility to wager and play games on your behalf and not on behalf of others. 
  • Bitcasino reserves the right to close, block, or suspend your Member Account and freeze any funds in your account if you attempt to create more than one. 

Frequently asked questions

Bitcasino support collates these frequently asked questions to give you instant answers to other specific questions:

Bitcasino offers thousands of unique and exciting casino games from the industry's top game providers. Some of the most popular games at the site include slots and live dealer games.
Yes, Bitcasino has been licensed and operated by Moon Technologies B.V since 2014. The site is regulated under license No. 1668/JAZ granted by Curaçao eGaming.