Exciting Bitcasino game in the spotlight: HiLo by Spribe 

One of the advantages of playing online is that there are more games to choose from. Consisting of slots and live casino games, players are in for a great time as they place their wagers and test their luck on the games they love. 

Although slot games are among the most popular games, several players are also fond of live casino games since they are hosted by professional dealers. By playing the games that fall under this category, players can have a great time even if they don’t step out of their houses to visit land casinos. 

Bitcasino works with several trusted game providers that ensure players make the most of their time at home. One of the providers that Bitcasino works with is Spribe, the creator of HiLo which is a game that every player should try. 

What is Spribe?

Spribe, a Ukraine and Estonia-based company launched in 2019, is a cutting-edge game provider that has introduced a lot of promising game titles for players to enjoy. With their creative gaming approach, many players become curious about why their games are becoming popular, especially with the newer generation of players.

Spribe Games has a lot more to offer than traditional casino games. Their target audiences are Millennials or those born a decade or two before the start of the twenty-first century. With this approach, they were able to create games that pique the interest of younger gamers eager for new and innovative gameplay. To make it even better, they made sure that all of their games are played fairly. 

What is HiLo? 

​​HiLo is a fast wagering game wherein the player predicts whether the following card will be higher or lower than the card shown. By inserting three next cards instead of one, Spribe's version of this basic yet popular game adds an added element of enjoyment.

First, the players need to choose between 'high or same' or 'low or same'. After that, he must correctly guess one of three cards. With each correct guess, the players can collect their winnings.

HiLo has become one of the most well-known internet games because of its straightforward and easy-to-understand gameplay. It's a game players may return to when they're bored or want to make some money.

The game's fast gameplay attracts a large number of players. It is structured in such a way that it allows players to play for an extended period of time, which is ideal for players who enjoy trying out various techniques.

HiLo's strong suit is that it is a game that requires quick thinking and pre-planning. Before diving headfirst, many players prefer trying it for free before placing their bets and testing their chances.

How to play HiLo? 

The game is easy to play and it isn’t difficult to understand. This makes it an ideal game for beginners. Unlike other games, you can’t set HiLo on auto mode because each round must be carefully thought off. Here is a comprehensive guide of how the game is played: 

The game starts when players start to place their bets. Usually, the bet size ranges from $0.10 to $300. After setting the bet size, players must press the ‘Bet’ button. 

Cards will be face down in the play area. The players’ task is to predict whether the following card will be worth more or less than the one in front of them. It's also considered a win if the next card shows the same value. Players may also select which card to open at some casinos.

Tips to win in HiLo 

Although HiLo is a game of pure luck, there are several strategies that can help players win better prizes. Here are some of them: 

Aim for lower payouts 

The purpose of this method is to consistently bet little amounts to reduce your chances of losing. This requires players to bet on lesser payouts and higher probabilities, which reduces the chance of missing a card. This will usually be a wager in the 2-9 range in the HiLo game because it has the best chance of hitting. 

Aim for higher payouts 

This strategy is the opposite of the aforementioned. With this, players can hit the higher sums if they are ready to take a risk. This focuses on hitting as many cards as possible to increase the payout. This strategy can be considered if they are on a streak of getting the proper cards in a row. When stacked with multipliers, this will be the key to getting high payouts. 

Look for large multipliers 

This technique is also called the ‘Hail Mary’. The main objective is to find a multiplier of 12x or greater. This is the riskiest technique since it only has a small chance of winning. However, if players can get the huge multiplier right away, they are guaranteed of getting bigger prizes. 

Use the Martingale strategy 

This is a type of progressive betting technique that has become popular in online roulette. In HiLo, players can use the same approach concepts if they are willing to take the risks. Here’s how to use it on HiLo: 

  • Place the first wager for the smallest possible stake
  • Place the low-risk wager till you lose
  • Continue doubling your wager
  • After losing consecutively, double the bets with each round
  • After winning consecutively, return to the original bet

These are just some pieces of information that players should learn about HiLo by Spribe. By playing it on Bitcasino, players are in for a great time when they place bets on this fast and easy card game that will keep players busy even when at home!


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