How to play Spribe's Mines game at Bitcasino

Do you remember Minesweeper? It was a popular logic-based computer game from decades ago. It was a great form of entertainment for many, as there was an obvious lack during the early years of the rise of computers. Despite technology's great advancements today, the game concept of Minesweeper continues to be used.

Minesweeper is played on a rectangular grid filled with squares. Your objective is to click on all the 'safe' squares to win. Be careful, as there are also mines underneath some of the squares. Hitting a mine will end the game. Using logic and the right strategy can help you win. 

At Bitcasino, you can enjoy one of the game's simplest yet most exciting variants. Mines by Spribe is a thrilling game of prosperity or misfortune. The game will have you at the edge of your seat as you uncover the game tiles. With a minimum wager of €0.10, you can start winning big payouts with just a few clicks of the buttons. 

Mines by Spribe

Mines casino game has been receiving popularity due to its simple yet rewarding gameplay. Spribe has taken the game to the next level by creating an engaging and immersive version. Similar to their other games, Plinko and Dice, they innovated and added their special touch to a classic game, bringing a new and nostalgic feel. 

With a stake in place, Mines by Spribe becomes a thrilling game that rewards logical thinking. You can win a whopping €10,000 max prize with the game's impressive Return to Player percentage (RTP) of 97%. Play with a Bitcasino bonus and the right Mines strategy to win bigger and better rewards. If you are interested in playing it, learn more about this explosive game here:

Game layout

The game features a 5x5 grid filled with rewards. Everything is cleanly presented on screen, from the wager amount to the number of bombs dropped during the round. The bets are on the lower area of your screen.

Mines: How to play

If you are familiar with the concept of Minesweeper, playing Spribe's Mines will be a breeze because it follows the mechanics of the classic desktop game. Even if you haven't played Minesweeper before, you don't need any prior experience to start playing Spribe's innovative gambling game.

However, even if you aren't aware of the existence of Minesweeper games, you can still pick up on the basics of the gameplay quickly. You don't need to use special skills to win, as the game is based solely on chance. 

Place your wagers

The first thing you have to do before you start clicking on the tiles is to place your wager. Clicking on the stack of coins will display all your options as part of the game's intuitive design. You can adjust the bet amount you want to wager on the lower part of your screen.

Enter the number of mines

In contrast to older Minesweeper games, Mines by Spribe allows you to adjust the number of bombs plotted throughout the 5x5 grid. Simply select the button found on the upper left corner of the grid. 

You can choose to have 1 to 20 bombs on the grid by using the dropdown menu when you click this button. Changing this value will also change the payout shown on the yellow capsule next to the number of bombs. The payouts will increase in proportion to how many bombs you decide to hide on the following round. 


Start clicking on the tiles

From here on, you can start clicking on the tiles as soon as you press the bet button. Spribe's Mines indicate wins with a star and losses with bombs. Your luck will play a huge part in how much you can win. 

Star tiles

A certain payout value will be rewarded when your tile reveals a star. You can check this value in the upper right corner of the grid in a yellow capsule. Depending on your risk appetite, you can cash out the amount you have won or continue to reveal more tiles for a higher payout. 

High rollers and Bitcasino VIP players may find this part challenging because they may be torn between wanting to win more and being satisfied with the amount they have already won. This is because your potential prize will be larger if your stake is higher. Whichever option you select, you can be sure that you'll have the most fun during this game's decision-making phase. 

Bomb tiles

Everything can go south the second you encounter this symbol. Randomly clicking can be fun, but accidentally revealing the bomb symbol will end both the round and your accumulated 'won' payouts. 

If you've come this far without revealing this tile yet, it is advised that you proceed with the greatest caution possible. Take into account how risky clicking on the next tile can be. If necessary, take advantage of the game's features, which let you select how many bombs will be dropped during the round. This can be helpful when making your next move for the next games.

You should keep this in mind because you can lose everything instantly. Click the cashout button if you believe you have won enough prizes.

Explore the game's auto mode

Spribe's Mines introduces an autoplay mode. You can use this feature if you don't want to manually click on random tiles in the grid. You can customise several settings, including how many rounds the game will have, to your liking. For instance, you can specify that the auto-mode should end when your win or loss reaches a certain amount.

Mines: Try these strategies out!

Mines by Spribe is a simple game, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a plan when playing. There are tons of tactics that can help you win even better prizes. Here are some betting tips that are designed to minimise losses and maximise winnings:

Budget management

Budget management is an important skill and strategy when playing at an online casino. This does not only apply to Mines, but to the other games, you wish to play. The best method to help you manage your budget is to set limits for yourself. This means that you should set an amount you want to spend and can risk losing. This will serve as your threshold.

Your gaming experience as a Bitcasino VIP player will be filled with amazing prizes, especially if you have a large gaming budget. Make sure your budget isn't so tight that you have no room to spare. Additionally, make sure you have enough money before you start playing to break even or earn profits befitting a high roller like you.

Make big bets every once in a while 

For casual players, taking risks every now and then is recommended so you can be exposed to the biggest prizes available. On the other hand, high rollers should always bet big. You can win better prizes with each star you click by putting a lot of money on the line.

Placing bigger stakes will increase the thrill and excitement of playing. Just keep track of how many bombs you've set in the round, so you know when to cash out.


Play an explosive free game of Mines

Relive the feeling of playing the classic Minesweeper game by playing Spribe's Mines. The big difference in this game is that you can win huge prizes. It is a huge innovation in online casino gaming as it brings together a classic computer game and the concept of playing for real money.

 You're in for one of the most exciting and thrilling casino games once you enter a game of Mines by Spribe. Although it may not seem like a game that can offer huge rewards, do not be deceived. The game has an impressive maximum winnable amount of €10,000!

It offers a unique but familiar kind of gaming experience that can be compared to all-time classics such as dice or roulette. Playing with a Bitcasino bonus will further increase your odds of winning better rewards and payouts, so make sure to take advantage of the incentives that come with it.


What is the RTP and volatility of the Mines casino game?

Mines by Spribe has a generous RTP of 97%. The game's volatility is medium.

What are the minimum and maximum bets allowed when playing Mines by Spribe?

All you need to start playing Mines by Spribe is a minimum of €0.10. Recommended for high rollers, a maximum bet allowable is €100.

What is the maximum win in Mines?

The maximum payout you can get from one wager playing Mines by Spribe is €10,000.

Where can I play Mines by Spribe?

Bitcasino is the perfect place for you to play Mines. With various bonuses and promotions, you can expect an amazing gaming experience with their services.


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