Exploring the best of Bitcasino: How to play Keno by Spribe

With creativity and profit in one plate, both casino operators and software providers are quick and thorough in devising new gambling games. Notable examples include the transformation of hand-pulling slot machines to video slots designed with several winning combinations and table games being easily accessible through online streaming. 

Now, many land-based and online casino players alike are all about trying their luck with keno — a simple and fast-paced kind of lottery. While it has a history coming from Ancient China, the variant designed by Spribe is definitely a must-try at Bitcasino. Read on further to learn more about the game, how to play it and win big rewards.

Meet Spribe: The next generation of iGaming

Bitcasino, the world’s first licensed Bitcoin casino, is home to many gaming categories and partnered software providers. From games powered by established giants like Play’n GO and Evolution Gaming, they also expand their horizons by working with newly launched organisations like Spribe. 

Spribe didn’t join the iGaming (online gambling) market in 2019 based only on the emerging trends. Instead, they are a Ukraine-and-Estonian-based company built with a mission to cater to the new generation of gamers. 

An age filled with impressively tech advancements, Spribe promises to bring a whole new and fresh perspective to iGaming with their ingenious products. By that, we mean games under the qualities of fairness (i.e. using the provably fair technology), trailblazer, and generosity! So far, examples of their portfolio that have sparked interest among players are Aviator, Plinko, and the one specifically on this page, a variant of the lottery-like casino game known as keno.

Keno explained: A simple and fast-paced lottery-like casino game

Gambling may not be universally legal, but the most popular game often accepted and regulated across many countries is the lottery. It is a game of chance where winners are randomly selected based on their drawn numbers. As easy as the objective may be, it can be rather challenging due to the different types based on format, prize, and taxes. 

If you want to simplify the lottery's process with faster gameplay and straightforward structure, you ought to try keno. Although often believed to have Chinese origins, its term has Latin and French roots that mean ‘five each’ and ‘five winning numbers’, respectively. 

How is it different from the lottery?

Beyond the selection of numbers and waiting for the big draw, keno and the lottery are actually different, with each perfectly catering to your betting preferences. They are as follows:

  1. Amount of prize money — The lotteries have state jackpots with prizes amounting to millions of dollars like the U.S. Powerball or Mega Millions. Keno, on the other hand, is more often available in modern casinos, so it is more likely understood why players bet a much bigger amount in lottery games than on keno because of the rewards they hold. 
  1. Amount of available numbers — Keno and the lottery have different winning odds because of the number of their available numbers.
  1. The frequency of the results — Unlike lottery games that have only one or two draws a week, keno provides a more seamless and rewarding gambling experience because games are selected every five or six minutes. 

What makes it a crowd favourite?

Just like how the lottery draws many people, keno is a casino favourite because it is a simple and fast-paced social game that doesn’t demand too much thinking to earn a prize. Now with Spribe as a software provider, you can enjoy it 24/7 because of its eye-catching graphics, straightforward rules and, best of all, generous payouts. Here’s how you can play and win from it.

What should you expect of keno by Spribe?

Keno usually consists of numbers ranging from 1 through 80. As for Spribe’s version, players choose up to 10 numbers out of 36. Both the number of chosen and matched numbers determine the wager. Meaning, if you match all ten numbers, you win a large sum of money up to 100x your stake! Here are a few additional game details to guide you:

  1. High RTP — Spribe has quickly become a favourite among players because of their high return to player percentages (RTPs), and their keno variant stands at 97%. This casino element works like a reversed house edge, giving you an idea of how much the game will pay you when you finally win. 
  1. Adaptive — As long as you have an internet connection, you can play and enjoy Spribe’s keno anytime and anywhere because it is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 
  1. Social — Akin to other Spribe games, keno includes chat and live bets modules. This is also where you can find Spribe’s special promo feature called ‘Rain Promo’. It randomly adds a number of free bets where you can claim them by clicking the ‘claim’ button. 
  1. Provably fair technology — All Spribe games are safe and fair due to the tech tool called ‘provably fair’. Not only does it determine keno’s result, but also allows you to check the fairness of the game by giving you the server seed, client seed, and nonce. You can find this on keno’s settings located on the top right portion of the screen.
  1. Manual and auto options — Spribe’s keno is easy to understand as everything is on the screen. Unlike video slots and live casino games where you navigate through their many steps and layers, keno only has the ‘manual’ and ‘auto’ options for you to choose from. Their major similarities are the ‘pick randomly’ button and bet amounts that are worth $1, $3, $5, and $10. 

How to win big rewards from it?

It is no secret that keno is purely a luck-based game, but that doesn’t mean you will let Lady Luck determine your prizes. In other words, while you really can’t plot the right numbers, you can still win big rewards at Bitcasino by strategising your betting system, understanding the keno odds, and effectively managing your bankroll.


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